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In the Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien described the creation of the world as "The Great Song". Throughout his works music and song are prevalent, and it is only fitting that The Two Towers has an extensive musical instrument feature.

Instruments in The Two Towers

Purchase or Quest for an Instrument

Several instruments are available for purchase at special shops, such as in Rivendell, but others are only given as reward for completing quests. Once you have an instrument you can begin composing songs. There are many different instruments available to choose from, all thematic to Tolkien's Middle-Earth.

Compose a Song

Compose your songs into stanzas and record them in your personal Song Library. By choosing a name for the song you can then easily play it later. You can also record your songs on paper for sharing with other musicians.

Rehearse your Song

To ensure that your song is perfect you can rehearse it. The rehearsal isn't available for anyone else to hear, allowing you to refine your song, your stanzas, or anything else until you have perfection.


When you're ready, perform your song for others! You can customize your introductions before peforming, your interlude, and your finish. You can even customize the color of your songs. The song will be played one stanza at a time with a delay between each verse to allow you to catch your breath (and your audience time to read and absorb your song).

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