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Law and Order on The Two Towers is maintained through the Law System. A player may steal from or even kill another player, but to do so is a crime and can be reported! The criminal will be fined a price in gold relative to the severity of the crime. The criminal must pay up, or they will become a Wanted outlaw. Once Wanted, any player can attempt to bring in the fugitive. When the fine is paid by the criminal, dead or alive, a portion of those fines will be given to the victim as compensation.

The Crimes


Murder is the killing of another player. If the victim is unsure of which player killed them, they can ask a friend to investigate them or investigate their killer.

Murder is not sanctioned, however it is rumoured that the assassins of Arda have an underground network of contracted killers and bribable judges. When performing a murder-for-hire, the assassin can bribe the judge to pay a reduced fine. While it is a sure death being on the receiving end of a contracted killer, you can make this system work for you: if there is someone bothering you that you can't manage to kill yourself, you can put a contract on their head and let the experts handle it.

Attempted Murder

Attemped Murder is an attack on another player that does not result in their death, either because the criminal called off the attack. showed mercy and bandaged their fallen foe, or the victim managed to evade and escape death. All of these are still considered a crime and the attacker can be reported for attempted murder. However, attempted murder leaves no evidence other than the victim's own witnessing the act, so attempted murder cannot be investigated.


Theft includes not only the stealing of another player's items or gold, but also killing their horse. Theft can be investigated, and the fine will be based on the value of the stolen property.

Attempted Theft

Attempted Theft is when a player tries to steal from you but fails. You may or may not notice the attempt. Attempted theft cannot be investigated, and the attempted killing of someone's horse does not count as attempted theft.

False Report

Part of the intrigue of the Law is "whodunnit"? Thieves and Assassins will use various techniques to conceal their identity, in their attempts to get away with their crimes. To discover your assailant you may have to turn to another player to investigate. In the end you may end up reporting the wrong player! Reporting the wrong person is a crime, if accused for a crime you did not commit you can file a False Report charge in return!

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