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On The Two Towers you are not born into a profession, you join one by finding a trainer during your adventures. All professions' abilities are open to all players, but you won't be very successful trying to perform the abilities of another profession without training.

The Common Professions


Master of the bow, archers deal massive damage but always have to keep a close count on the number of arrows in their quivers. Archers can fletch their own arrows, salvage arrows after a fight, and restring their bow (if the string breaks). In combat, a skilled archer can multinock to fire two arrows at once, and kickback their opponent to get into better position for a lethal shot.


Assassins are silent killers for hire. Their abilities to move around undetected and conceal their identity put them in position to deliver a lethal backstab on an unsuspecting victim. And if the victim tries to flee, their hunt ability ensures that they finish what they start.


The Rider is the master of the mount. Whether riding a Horse or a Mumakil, they are unmatched on the field of battle. As symbols of battlefield superiority they inspire their allies with their mighty warcries. Against other mounted opponents they can unseat their riders, and against those on foot they can use their mounted combat skills to literally trample their foes.


The Thief is a master of taking things which do not belong to them. By hiding, sneaking, and picking locks they can access areas which others have to fight to get into. Undetected, they can steal gold and items from unsuspecting victims. Their appraise ability lets them know if an item is worth stealing, or a victim is worth stealing from.


The Warrior is the master of battle. Well balanced between offensive power and the use of armour for defense, the warrior has the stuff legends are made of. The combat arms skill of the warrior allows them to check the condition of their gear and repair it when needed, as well as comparing the effectiveness of one piece of gear with another. Knowing the weak point in a door or chest they can bash it open, even if locked.

Professions Only available to the Free Races


All Free Races are born as Civilians. Civilians have no extra abilities, although they are able to learn and master more tradeskills than players who join a profession. It takes a talented gamer to rise to the highest rank of civilian.


The Ranger is the master of the wilderness. Their knowledge of the wild allows them to travel faster off of the beaten path and even lead a party without getting them lost. They can forage for healing herbs and use their skill in nature's lore to heal either themselves or their allies. Protectors of the land, they can follow the tracks of any intruders and even set traps to catch them. At home in the wild they can easily survey the landscape around them and with their eaglesight ability they can see even in the darkest nights. In combat, their feint attack is effective and deadly.


The Wizard is the master of the magical arts. Not to be confused with the Istari such as Gandalf which are inately magical, the wizard must train and study to learn their craft. Their spells they are not born with, they must be earned through various quests and transcribed into the spellbooks. Once a spell is learned, they can cast it or enchant it onto an item for easier casting later. Their 6th sense skill allows them to find the location of other players, and their counter ability allows them to counter another wizard who may be attempting to cast a spell. The spells available to the wizard range from the offensive, to the defensive, to the trivial such as fireworks.

Professions Only available to the Evil Races


All those born into Sauron's service start as minions. Minions have no extra abilities, although they are able to learn and master more tradeskills than players who join a profession. It takes a talented gamer to rise to the highest minion ranks.


Sniffers are the leaders of the hunt. At home in the wild they can sniff the direction of their prey and then track them. They are often used to lead hunting parties. Their ability to attune to the Dark Lord's power allow them to see in the darkest dark or the brightest of lights. In combat they are brutally efficient killers with their shiv ability.


Necromancers are masters of the arcane arts. Named after the Dark Lord during his stay in Mirkwood, these powerful spellcasters are capable of conjuring up very powerful spells to further the Dark Lord's conquest. Necromancers are able to sacrifice their own life to restore the life of another, or even imbue their lifeforce into an object. They can sense the presence of other players, and in combat their powerful leech attack drains the very life from their opponent.

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