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Professional Skills

As a player on The Two Towers you have 8 slots for professional skills. Your primary profession takes up 4 of these skill slots. The other 4 slots can be filled from any of the skills of any other profession.

The combinations are limited only to your imagination! You can be a Warrior/Wizard. You can be an assassin who also steals like a thief. You can mix and match the various professional skills to create a custom character of your own design.

Skills not of your current profession will slowly degrade over time. Skills increase with use, and can also be trained at a trainer. So to keep your multi-classing skills at their peak you will need to be actively using those skills or regularly training them.

Common Skills

In addition to the 8 professional skills, each player also has several common skills. Just like the professionals skills, these common skills increase with use or can be trained by a trainer.

The common combat skills are:

Aim - increases your chance of hitting an opponent
Attack - increases the amount of damage you do when you hit
Dodge - decreases your chance of beign hit by an opponent
Defense - decreases the amount of damage you take when hit

Other common skills include:

Awareness - increases your chance of detecting that you have been stolen from and helps you find hiding thieves
Fire building - increases your chance of building a fire when using the camp ability
Intuition - increases your success when investigating a victim of a crime to determine the identity of the criminal
Evasion - increases the chance and duration of using the evade ability to evade a hunting attacker
Riding - increases the speed at which you can ride a mount

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