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The world of Middle-Earth is vast. From the peaceful shores of the Grey Havens to the dense jungles of Far Harad, The Two Towers comprises over 100,000 rooms of accurate Tolkien geography.


To get from one location to another you can always hike, but it may be faster or more convenient to ride a horse. Horses also allow you to carry more gear using panniers or saddlebags. The rider profession can even fight while mounted!


There are many waterways and rivers across the landscape. For short distances you can swim, however you cannot easily swim when encumbered and you might drown if you get too tired. To better navigate, you need a boat!

Flying Mounts

In times of need, Gwaihir and his Giant Eagles have befriended the free races and allowed them to ride on their backs. The Dark Lord bred the Fell Beasts for his most powerful servants to fly on the backs of. Before you can ride either of these powerful flying mounts you must prove your worth!

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