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The Two Towers allows many options for customizing how information is delivered. These customizations help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Customized Message Colors

Each message which is delivered to your character has a message class, and for each message class you can specify which color you would like that message to appear as. By setting up your colors to your preferences you can quickly distinguish an incoming message from the auctioneer from a message from your guildmates on your guild communication line.

Character Settings

By default, many of the systems on The Two Towers are set up for the most common use cases. However there are times and situations where you may wish to change a setting based on the circumstance or your individual preference. For example, if you have joined a large hunting party you may want to enable the "hide_party_movement" setting to reduce the amount of repetitive messages sent each time your party moves from one room to another.

Check our help section for the full list of all character settings.
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